April 8, 2011

Spy Matrix Spy Phone: The Ultimate Spy Cell Phone

Perhaps the most advanced portable bug on the market today is the Spy Matrix Spy Phone. This spy cell phone looks just like a regular phone, and it works just like a regular cell phone. The only difference is that is also a bug. This is the ultimate in listening devices. It is the best way to keep track of teenagers or significant others who show signs of straying. And, with a little ingenuity, you can even use this spy cell phone to perform surveillance on acquaintances and strangers.

The spy cell phone is especially helpful when you want to keep track of family members. This is because you can pass it off as a new phone for the family’s new cell phone plan. It is perfect. Give it to teenagers and you can go wherever they go. This Spy Matrix Spy Phone is equipped with a GPS tracker and a special microphone that picks up noises and conversation in its general vicinity. Not only that, but can also allow you to listen in to both ends of the conversation. You can know whether you teen are where she or he is supposed to be, and you can find out, from listening to what is going on in the room, whether there really is a study group.

A secret phone number allow you to activate the spy cell phone without the subject knowing that you have done so. You call the secret number (there is a second real number for regular calling purposes) and the phone quietly turns on and begins giving you access. You can “forget” it in a room or leave it to “charge” and hear what others are saying. This is a device that is also useful when performing professional surveillance for clients. No matter what you want to use the phone for, the spy cell phone is a device that few people would suspect as being a bug — especially since it works just like a normal cell phone in all respects.

Stop wondering what is really going on and find out for sure. When you have the Spy Matrix Spy Phone you do not just have any phone. You have a real, top of the line spy cell phone.

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August 17, 2009


Although it looks like a regular lighter, many will argue with me saying that it is a cool brand type like Zippo's.What you don't know is that this lighter has incorporated inside of her a technology prowd to be compared with the one's from James Bond movies.The eye of the eagle is actually a hidden camera discrete arranged, which records movies at a resolution of 640 x 480 QVGA in avi files with 30 frames per second and has a cardslot MircroSD type with a capacity of 8 Gigas.It dispose of a usb port (mini USB) to simply recharge the battery.The recording will also have sound because it is equipped with a microphone.The most important thing is that you could use it also as a proper lighter.

COOL 758 Razor phone that shaves

Now, a company from China presents a less conventional terminal.The Cool 758 model is a mobile phone with a razor incorporated.The new 758 is a Dual-Sim phone which has a 2.6" screen and a resolution of 240 x 320 px and suports 256,000 colors.The razor is positioned on the side bottom of the phone and hidden under a plastic cap.The terminal is a candybar which messures 120 x 52 x 19 mm and has a Litiu - Ion standard acumulator of 2800 mAh which stands to 260 hours in stand-by mode and to three hours of talks.

The phone also dispose of a 2 MP camera , without flash or autofocus, and a media player with Mp3 and Mp4 support.Cool 758 doesn't have a very large internal memory but supports upgrades until 8 Gigas throw the compatibility card micro TransFlash.In what concerns the conectivity, the model has Bluetooth and GPRS, and for net surfing the user could use WAP 2.0 browser.